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Rebecca is a singer / songwriter, pianist and flautist based in Bedford. She has a passion for narrative and storytelling within music and performance and likes to give value to the small things and moments that could easily be overlooked or forgotten. Rebecca is also a conductor’s assistant for Bedford Community Arts Choir, an inclusive group who perform works including those written by local songwriters and composers.

Rebecca developed and runs a pro-active, multi-agency community centre in the heart of her town for people of all ages with a ‘whole family’ approach. The project aims to build self-esteem and develop life-skills for all ages including those who do not yet feel part of the community. ‘Project 229’ empowers people to counter isolation, build relationships, develop life-skills, be supported/support others, improve resilience, grow in self-esteem and make positive changes.

Working with MID provides opportunities to value the lives, journeys and memories of detainees. Every intervention however short or long brings with it the opportunity to help detainees feel more positive and to have a voice.

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