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Hide and Seeker

Hide and Seeker

During the autumn of 2009, young people from Motiv8 participated in a project with detainees at Haslar IRC in Gosport, to produce a CD where the different groups were able to communicate with one another through the medium of songwriting and music.

At Haslar the detainees were encouraged to write song lyrics describing the positive aspects of their countries, such as the landscape, and the emotions experienced within detention. As one of the artists from Drum Runners Trading commented in his log:

Excellent, explosive participation from the detainees in drumming, writing lyrics and musical arrangements. So much so we drew many onlookers!

Motiv8 is a charity that engages young people and supports them to make better life choices. The project raised their awareness of immigration detainees and their experience of detention; this is evident in the songs they wrote in direct response to the detainees’ songs – especially ‘Hide and Seeker’.

The project provided a tremendous boost to their confidence as they worked together to record versions of their songs for the CD and for a performance at the Gosport Discovery Centre at its Kurumbidza performance evening. (For those who are curious, Kurumbidza means ‘celebrate’ in Shona, a language spoken in Zimbabwe.)

Hide and Seeker

I feel your pain

Hide and seeker

All this time

Your spirits get weaker


I feel your pain

Asylum seeker

The longer I wait

My mind gets deeper


Yeah that’s right

I feel your pain

I’m living this life but I can’t maintain

How to feel inside

When you’re taking the blame

It makes me wanna bow in shame


After your days you get locked away

While they decide if you can stay

All you can do is hope and pray

That freedom will come again someday.


I came into this country

Not a penny to my name

With a hundred other people

And they all felt the same

I spent the first month trying to find a place to stay

I got a few places

But it changed from day to day

Singing Hide and Seeker

Singing Hide and Seeker

Drumming to the lyrics

Drumming to the lyrics

Rehearsing for the performance

Rehearsing for the performance