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Home is Family

Home is Family

Women from Yarl's Wood IRC and Family Groups Bedford were able to communicate directly with one another in a MID music project led by Shammi and Michael, artists from Asian Music Circuit, during March 2012. Sharing the common experiences of loved ones and children, cooking and eating, they were able to bond despite never meeting in person.

Participants in both groups were encouraged to write lyrics about their feelings, home lives and families, and to write messages of support to one another. Many also enjoyed the experience of playing an instrument for the first time! This led to the creation of two jointly-recorded songs, giving hope and inspiration during difficult times.

Following a session at Yarl's Wood one of the artists commented:

"...participants were very shy about singing but after a little persuasion they came up with lyrics and a melody. When we played them back what they had recorded, X looked shocked. Shammi asked her if she was OK. She said: ‘No, I'm over the moon’. They were surprised at what they had achieved in such a short time. It was very touching to see someone so happy with what they had done".

One of the outcomes of the project, aside from the music, was a donation of clothing to the women at Yarl's Wood. This generous act showed how a real human connection had been established between the two groups.

The members of Family Groups Bedford were asked about their thoughts and feelings about the project. Here are some comments below:

"The project raised awareness. I learned not to stereotype or be judgmental."

"It was moving and inspirational. I would love to do it again."

"This project has made me consider what is important in life. It gave me a lot to think about and an insight into the difficulties others face. The project and communication made me more appreciative of my life now."

Cooking and baking

Laughing and eating

Friends and family play

Where you sit and relax with your legs up

Comfort is home

(Song reply from participants at Yarl’s Wood).

A workshop session at Family Groups Bedford

A workshop session at Family Groups Bedford

Loved and Loving

At Family Groups Bedford

At Family Groups Bedford