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Hope Stories

Hope Stories

In July 2014, women detained in Yarl's Wood IRC collaborated with students at Biddenham Upper School to write a series of songs that explored issues around immigration and life in the IRC. Musicians Aga Serugo-Lugo and Jack Sharp led the process, taking lyrics and recordings back and forth between the two groups, producing a fantastic, touching, and incredibly varied selection of music. The results are captured on these recordings....

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Tell Me What's Your Name - Introductions Song

Ballad, questions and answers

The sessions often included questions from either group that the artists would take to their next workshop, creating an ongoing dialogue. Based on questions from Biddenham to Yarl's Wood in the first workshop, this song set out to introduce the two groups with the questions What's Your Name?, What's your favourite colour?, Where are you from?.

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That's How My Day Starts

Pop, Ballad

Based on music composed by the students at Biddenham, they describe a typical morning in their lives. The detainees responded by singing about their own morning routines both before and during their detainment at Yarl's Wood.

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Like a Lion

Hip-hop, rap

The group at Yarl's Wood included very talented rappers and singers. This song was derived from improvisations at the early workshops. The students at Biddenham added a chorus and a bridge part. 

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Thunderstorms - Interlude


Due to the nature of the workshops at Yarl's Wood, attendee numbers fluctuated during the sessions. In this instance there was only one attendee for a while, and with Aga's help she write this short piece of music inspired by the thunderstorm we had had the night before.

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Life on the Road

Rock, rap, hip-hop

Based on an idea written by the detainees at Yarl's Wood, this was further workshopped to include vocal and instrumental contributions from the students at Biddenham.

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Hope Stories

Ballad, spoken word

The detainees and students were asked to write and read out short stories with the theme of hope. The stories were set to music written and performed by the students at Biddenham Upper School.