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Song of Freedom

Song of Freedom

Over four days, detainees and staff at Harmondsworth IRC worked together to write, arrange and record two brand new pieces of music.

This was an intensive project where making quality music was paramount, the levels of creativity soared and the participants were able to enjoy their musical talents to the full.

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Song of Freedom

Reggae, spiritual, jazz and gospel influences

Below are some comments from the staff at Harmondsworth and one of the participants:

“This is really different from what I have done in the past. It’s good to collaborate with the detainees. It gives me a chance to see them differently and some of them are really talented!”

David (staff)

“Leroy [the lead vocalist] is usually very quiet.”

Tanvir (staff)

“Leroy [the lead vocalist] has had the greatest week of his time in detention. Once other guys see what can be done they will be keen. The more CDs made the better to spread the word. I will play the final CD in the games room where lots of guys will hear it.”

Scott (staff)

“I am very proud of it. The best thing for me is putting the headphones on and singing. I didn’t know it was so easy to make a song. I’ve had these ideas for ages, but never done this before. It was really good to get advice and help from H and Alex. Music has been very important to me since I was very young.”

Leroy (detainee)

“This is different in that there has been interest and involvement from staff outside Education. Michael, who plays drums, is security staff, and all week security staff have been coming in to watch.”

H Patten, Music In Detention session leader - you can read more about him on our artists page here

The project was by facilitated ‘H’ in collaboration with Alexander D Great and Anton French, in partnership with Music for Change.

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Voice of the People

Soft rock, Cuban jazz and capoeira influences