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CD: ‘Symmetry’; Music provider: Asian Music Circuit. Artists: Shammi Pithia & Michael Goodey.

A project between detainees at Yarl's Wood IRC and participants from Sight Concern Bedfordshire.

In January 2014 visually impaired service users from Sight Concern Bedfordshire and detainees from Yarl's Wood IRC worked alongside professional musicians Shammi Pithia and Michael Goodey to create, exchange and record music and lyrics. Sharing their thoughts and experiences during this creative collaboration enabled participants from different backgrounds to learn about and empathise with one another, recognising common feelings and aspirations. 

Common themes expressed were isolation, loneliness and hope. Through the creative process these themes were explored and shared. Working in parallel during the project helped reduce the isolation of both groups, creating new connections and raising their collective voices. Both groups valued being able to share their feelings and placed great importance on friendship and its power to give hope and life.

Music workshops with Sight Concern, photo courtesy of Sonia Rai

Music workshops with Sight Concern, photo courtesy of Sonia Rai

"In seeking to break down isolation, this project brought together two groups of people and explored their feelings through music. Our group contained people isolated by sight loss that is nearly always completely devastating with far reaching consequences extending into almost every aspect of life. The words written by our group speak for themselves, expressing with an honesty born of shared experiences how each member of the group copes with their day-to-day life. What you'll hear is what they feel. Not a sad song but a song of hope." - Nick Gibson, Sight Concern Bedfordshire.

To listen to tracks from the album, please visit our Music section and click on Bedford/Yarl's Wood IRC.

Symmetry - lyrics

There will be an event to celebrate the launch of Bedford Music In Detention in Bedford on Friday 31st January, which will showcase songs from this project. 

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